What is Gaga Ball?

The latest craze for kids and adults ...

It's a lot like dodge ball, but a lot friendlier. The game entails players trying to hit each other below the knees

with a soft, foam ball while trying to avoid getting hit. The skills involve jumping, dodging, striking and running.

... providing amazingly simple, physical fun for hours!

Inflatable Gaga Ball Pit Rentals

Gaga ball is the perfect game to entertain large or small groups at camps, schools, churches and homes.

The commercial grade air inflatable gaga ball pit we provide fits best in a 25'x25' area and sets up fast.

It can be used outdoors on soft, grassy surfaces as well as indoors, where space permits. 

What our customers are saying

I can't believe how much my kids enjoy playing gaga ball! 

It's such a simple game, but they can't seem to get enough. They just love playing it over and over again.

~ Mom of two gaga ball lovers